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Family Counseling

Family Counseling is effective in as few as one to three visits. Your therapist has studied with renown communication specialist Marshal Rosenberg and can guide your family in nonviolent communication methods. When family members feel heard they are then willing to hear you. Behind every communication, even silence and withdrawal, is a postivie intention and an attempt to meet a positive need. When we listen for the postiive intention and the underlying need, magic can happen.

Having a specialist in communication facilitation with 30 years of experience (including Daley Center court-appointed mediations with a 100% success rate) will benefit your family enormously. Often one member triggers another member so the work may include  attending to one's own distress before responding to a family member. Internal Family Systems is a remarkable and rapid tool to help the individuals as well as the family and marriage.

Teens who have not been willing to attend school may have an underlying depression or social anxiety. Parents and adults may have underlying depression. The North Shore Center treats depression with a holistic protocol that has helped thousands within weeks. Once the depression is treated, family members can respond more fully to therapy.

Our protocol is always RESULTS driven with the goal to achieve your goals as rapidly as possible, typically within 3-12 visits.

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