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Individual Counseling

Because marriages are only as good as the individuals that make them up, individual counseling is available.

The most effective marital therapy with the quickest results allows for individual work within  the marriage cousneling dyad. Proficient in the cutting edge most effective therapies, such as Internal Family Systems, the newest and most effective counseling does not dissipate the dyad by having 3 individual therapists. In the past the couple may have a therapist and then the inidividuals would have their own therapists. The couple needs to bring their issues into the communication rucible and slef awareness that is acted out in the marriage for the most effective and expedient result. Occasionall, it is appropriate to see and individual therapist but this is rare. It is important that the intimacy grow between the couple and not with a new allignment with a therapist. 

For those struggling with individual issues such as depression, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, weight issues, those are dealt with so that the final outcome of the marriage is that both individuals are thriving as individuals and as a couple. For example, a depressed person thinks that something is wrong with the marriage and that is why they are unhappy. IF the depression is addressed, they see everything differently. This alone has saved innumerable marriages over the last 25 years. The depression protocol requires no medication for most and helps many to wean off their medications, with their doctor's supervision. This can be critical in areas of sexual dysfunction.
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