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Shyness/Social Phobia/Dating


Shyness is a painful issue that makes it difficult to date or form relationships. This then becomes a vicious circle as the the lack of dating success or friendships lowers self-esteem and sets the sstage for further shyness. Social phobia is one diagnosis assoicated with shyness.

A research based, solutions-oriented approach has allowed our patients to reach their social goals and has truly changed lives..

According to MediciineNet.com the definition of Social Phobia is:

Social phobia: A paralyzing fear of interacting with others. Symptoms include excessive blushing, sweating, trembling, rapid heartbeat, muscle tension, nausea, and extreme anxiety. Social phobia can occur in very young children or emerge at a later age. It can be disabling to a person's work and social and family relationships. Many people with social phobia have trouble reaching their educational and professional goals or even maintaining employment. They may depend on others financially and try to relieve anxiety by using alcohol and drugs. In extreme cases, a person with social phobia may begin to avoid all social situations and become housebound.

We have had consistent success helping shy individuals find romantic partners. Having an expertise in how to restore reslationships we have a specialied skillset in helping indviduals create and find healthy relationships. This can begin with a self image makeover and pragamatic skills and education. Lacking dating experience and suceess can play havoc with self-esteem. By overcoming these issues quality of life can improve significantly.

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