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Unconsummated Marriage

We have specialized in the treatment of unconsummated marriage for 30 years. This means you will have therapy with one of the country's most experienced sex therapists for this devastating issue.

Unconsummated marriage is a much more wide spread problem than one might imagine. Over the years I have observed that effects it often affects the most devoted followers of all religions. It is not so easy to switch gears psychologically just because one gets married.

Unconsummated marriage can be caused or complicated by undiagnosed sexual disorders such as vaginismus, erectile disorder, low sex drive. 

Secrecy and shame make it so hard to reach out for help. But for 30 years we have offered an understanding ear for this issue. It strikes the most educated professionals often, even physicians. So please reach out for help with our discrete counseling. The name is not on the door for your privacy. Phone sessions are available.

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