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Mindfulness may be incorporated into your therapy session or homework practices if assessed as appropriate.

Your therapist was one of the first therapists to utilizemindfullness in the practice of marital, sex, and psychotherapy, as early as 1994. Her program was represented by Dr. Andrew Weil and Wayne Dyer's agency incorporated her breakthrough use of mindfulness.

Your therapist brings a decades-long personal practice of meditation to augment training in mindfulness-based psychotherpies. This personal and professional expertise is of enormous value to the client.

Mindfulness-based psychotherpies allow a far more profound healing to psychological issues. They are the cutting edge therapies whose results far exceed tradtional talk therapies.

Your therapist has received education and training  in ACT (Acceptance, Commitment Therapy), Sensorimotor PSychotherapy and Internal Family Systems. 

Research currently states that psycholgoical states are held within the body. The body must be brought into treatment for the most rapid and complete healing.

John Kabat Zinn has made mindfulness famous as a stress reduction technique. Your therapist has utilized this as one of many modalities that underlie the unprecedented success rates.
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