The North Shore Center for Sexual Dysfunction and Marital Therapy has specialized in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction, since 1989. As a result, you will have one of the most experienced, respected and skillful sex therapists in the country.

We specialize in treating those men for whom Viagra, Cialis, etc. have NOT worked. Physicians refer there most difficult E.D. cases here, when all medical interventions have failed. Or for the best outcomes, medications will achieve the best results when utilized with our innovative therapy.

For 7 years, your therapist and a urologist led a group at Elmhurst Hospital for men struggling with E.D. and their wives. Your therapist written a treatment manual on both the physical and psychological causes and treatments of erectile dysfunction. This was reviewed and highly recommended to patients and colleagues by Dr. Michael Blum, a Chicago Magazine top 500 physician, and a physician previously at Mayo Clinic.

We offer treatment for men alone or with their partners for E.D. 

Erectile Dysfunction was successfully treated for 8 years prior to the advent of Viagra. Now physicians refer to The Center for those men who are not able to achieve their desired result with Viagra, Cialis, etc. We offer outstanding treatment for the couple, as the women's needs and hurt and issues that have effected the marriage need to be resolved to move forward with the most successful outcomes. For seven years your therapist co-led a wives of men struggling with sexual dysfunction with a urologist, at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital. As a result, there is an in-depth understanding of both the physical and psychological issues for men as well as their partners.

Your therapist has worked with the leading physicians at Evanston Northwestern University Hospital, the University of Chicago's North Shore University Health Systems and Glenbrook Hospital's John and Carol Walter Center for Urological Health.