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Rushton the Center for Sex and Marital Therapy

Located in Burr Ridge/Oak Brook and the suburban North Shore, The North Shore Center for Marital and Sexual Dysfunction Therapy is renown for obtaining rapid and consistently successful results. We offer unprecedentedly successful results by specializing in a unique, solutions-oriented, educational, and dynamic approach to marital and sexual dysfunction counseling administered by a therapist with m 30 years of specialization and expertise in marital and sexual dysfunction therapy.

Prior to establishing The North Shore Center for Marital and Sexual Dysfunction Therapy in 1989, R. Hutcheson was trained and practiced marital, family and sex therapy at Loyola University Medical Center's Sex Clinic, with Dr. Domeena Renshaw.

In 1989, The North Shore Center was established with the mission statement to offer the finest, most effective therapy available for marital problems and couple's struggling with erectile dysfunction, loss of sexual desire, orgasmic difficulties, dyspareunia, and unconsummated marriage.

In 1994 The Midwest Women's Program was established as the first treatment program specializing solely in loss of desire, painful intercourse, lack of arousal and orgasmic difficulties.

Regarding marital therapy, it is estimated that, statistically, as little as 25% of traditional marital therapy is successful. Sadly, the majority of cases end in divorce, or unhappiness, even after years of therapy. At the Center, fewer than 5% of our patients, who have been seen for 6 or more sessions, have chosen divorce during or at the conclusion of therapy. The vast majority of our patients have fully reached their therapeutic goals, often within 6 visits.

Many couples are attempting to avoid divorce when they begin therapy at the Center. For those couples needing relief from distress, that is the first priority. By the conclusion of therapy, many patients experience the most rewarding intimate relationship they have ever experienced.

A patient, referred by one of Chicago Magazine’s top 500 physicians from NorthShore University Health Systems, expressed what we often hear, “If only I knew then what I know now. This is the best our marriage has ever been in the entire 40 years.”

There has been no marketing or advertising of the Center from it’s inception in 1989 through 2009, because the reputation was built by leading physicians and mental health professionals recommending the Center to their patients and colleagues based solely on the results of their patients.

Our office is simple and basic to keep costs down for you. In order to maintain the highest level of care, it has been chosen not to expand services to treat large numbers of patients. We feel that therapy must be administered to the patient only by the expert to assure quality of care.

We have served our patients in a discrete manner, with the highest competence in treatment as the primary priority. Your privacy is greatly respected.

Leading urologist, Dr. M. Blum, Winnetka, of  NorthShore University Health Systems, one of Chicago Magazine’s Top 500 physicians, who has referred his patients since 1989, states, “I highly recommend R. Hutcheson’s state-of-the-art treatment methods as presented for my review. I learned much myself and highly recommend it.”

“R. Hutcheson, M.A. is of the highest ethical and professional caliber.” B. Loeb, M.D., President, Good Samaritan Hospital, Downers Grove, IL

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