Because we are committed to providing the most rapid results, typically within 3 to 12 visits, we do NOT accept  insurance at the time of the visit. Payment is made at the time of the visit.''

However, PPO insurance often reimburses, depending on your policy's criteria and your diagnosis. O utpatient, out-of-network, mental health benefits, and meeting your deductible would be required to receive your reimbursement.

Funds in Pre-Tax Dollar Health Savings Accounts normally can be applied towards these services. Payment is made in full, at the time of the visit. There is no billing. Statements can be provided for submission to your insurance company upon request. No insurance cards are accepted.

HMO’s and Medicare do not reimburse for the counseling services offered at the Center.

There are no sliding scale fee adjustments because this therapy is designed to be cost-effective in terms of the solutions-oriented nature of the approach. Many couples find that they have been helped within the first 1-3 sessions to such an extent that they can terminate within 3 visits. In traditional approaches, the history often takes 3 visits and therapy can extend for years, making the total cost of therapy vastly more expensive.

Marriage counseling is never covered by any insurance or any therapists because it is not a psychological diagnosis. A psychological diagnosis can only be determined in the diagnostic interview.

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