The Depression Five-Week Solution is a a unique, holistic approach to improve symptoms of depression. Since 1989, all participating patients have experienced improvement or full alleviation of symptoms within weeks. Even years-long depression that has not been successfully treated in previous therapy, has responded with improvement. No results can be guaranteed, however with this or any therapy. Many feel it is valuable to try as  a five week program as an alternative to years of therapy.

This unique and fully individualized approach attempts to address the underlying components of the individual's depression and thus allows long-term results. The patient then has the tools to impact their own depressive symptoms.

This program was developed because many patients presented with depression. Thus in order to relieve symptoms of depression so that the marriage or sexual issue could be addressed, a holistic and unique method of treatment was developed. Another subset of patients were on anti-depressants that were causing sexual dysfunction. Thus, with their referring physician's supervision and permission, they worked together to wean off of their medications in an effort to return to normal sexual function. Again, this may only be addressed with your physician's supervision, referral and permission.

Bi-polar or manic depression is not treated with this holistic approach. Bipolar depression is not appropriate for this program and must be ruled out by your referring physician.

This is a pre-paid 5 session program. It is an alternative to long-term therapy with a clear endpoint in therapy, with a dedicated goal. Patients are accepted with the permission of their physician. The cost is $1900. On or before five weeks you will know if your depression is improved or alleviated. It is an ideal program for busy individuals who are results-oriented.

Please call for a 15-minute phone consultation to learn if you might be a good candidate.