Men's Loss of Sexual Desire

The loss of sexual desire can be a frustrating and devastating problem for men and their partners.

The causes may be physical, psyochological, or a combination of the both physical and psychological causes.

Common physical causes are medications, and/or surgeries and illnesses that affect nerve function, hormones or blood flow.

In your initial intake interview we can help shed light on what your particular cluster of symptoms and history may indicate as to the cause of your personal issue.

A physician's exam is also an important piece of this puzzle, including  blood work. 

Psychological causes can be depression, anxiety, relationship stress, lack of attraction or love for your partner, low self esteem, performance anxiety, etc.

We have successfully treated loss of sexual desire for 30 years without the need for medications or extensive long term therapy for most.

Your therapist has written a book on this topic reviewed and recommended by both a Chicago Magazine's Top 500 Physicians physician list, and a (now retired) physician from Mayo Clinic.


A young male presented with a loss of sexual desire for his new wife. Within 6 weeks he was pursuing intercourse after we addressed his underlying anxiety issues.

If the physical causes are not overwhelming, such as critical damage to nerves, hormones and blood flow, desire can be returned without the need for testosterone in most cases.

 Your therapist has observed that testosterone has not shown itself to be a magic bullet for loss of male desire. Long-term use of testosterone for more than 3 months, was unorthodox. After an initial improvement for perhaps a week or so when desire may be augmented, improvements tend to taper off.

Also please be aware that if testosterone is used long term, it reduces your own body's ability to make testosterone.  Thus it is wise to address any underlying psychological, physical  and/or  relationship causes first,  ideally, (or in tandem) to avoid long term dependence on testosterone if possible.

Testosterone is being prescribed often for what is really underlying depression or psychological issues with minimal long-term improvement in desire or performance.

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