Phone consultations are available on a case by case basis, if deemed appropriate for your situation. Marriage or Sexual Dysfunction Intensives are therapeutic interventions or communication facilitation sessions over several hours. They meet the needs of out-of-towners, those in crisis, and for those who simply wish to expedite results in stead of spreading therapy over weeks or months.

Intensives are considered the newest cutting edge approach to marital therapy by leading experts. It also avails outstanding expertise to out-of-towners who may wish to schedule a weekend intensive to resolve significant problems quickly.

Phone consultations can be as effective as in-person therapy sessions, yet carry the additional benefits of flexible hours, zero travel time, mitigating child care concerns, and/or therapy with partners not in the same location.

It has been estimated that as much as 75% of couples counseling is ineffective. To date, the North Shore Center has had an unprecedented success rate of over 85-90% of couples, who have stuck with therapy for 6 sessions or more, having experienced significant improvement or complete resolution of presenting problems.

In addition to traditional marital therapy or counseling, which usually involves a commitment of several sessions, the Center provides communication facilitation services via phone consultations. Occasionally, couples have a problem that they can't see eye-to-eye on. They don't need long-term marital therapy, but can benefit from mediation, conflict resolution, or help with communication.

One of the unique benefits of phone therapy is its convenience in facilitating difficult communications or mediating conflict on a one-time or limited basis.

Prepaid video telehealth consultations are available by appointment.

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