For women, sexual disorders may occur in any of three phases:
1. Loss of initial sexual interest and desire.
2. Ability to respond once engaged in love-play.
3. Ability to orgasm. 

Thus, your disorder could be in any one, two or three of these phases. Any and all of the three phases 

can be treated successfully. And there are numerous causes, both physical and/or psychological for the aspects of these issues.

Loss of sexual desire, a disorder of phase one, can be a lifetime issue, or an acquired disorder. It can be partner specific, or a generalized loss of sexual interest. It can be a lack of interest or an aversion.

If you have a lower sex drive than your husband, please be assured, that differences in sexual desire is the number one sexual issue in marriages.

There are numerous causes of female lack of arousal and sexual desire. Causes may be either physiological,  psychological, or both. Physical causes of diminished or lack of sexual desire in women might be medications, diseases, hormonal changes, surgeries etc. Psychological causes such as depression, marital issues, boredom, body image issues, etc. can also impact sexual desire. Sexual desire may still exist within you, but you have lost your desire for your partner. Surprisingly, loss of desire for your partner can occur in a happy relationship, as well as a conflict-laden relationship. A good sex therapist can help determine what the cause of your disorder and can be of help tp upi you get to the cause of your problem. Treating the underlying cause is important. Your therapists breadth of knowledge is critical.

It is imperative that your therapist have a strong knowledge base of the medical aspects of sexual dysfunction, the psychological aspects of sexual dysfunction, and how they interplay. Simultaneously, you need to have a very skillful marriage therapist as well, as sexual desire disorders most often are treated within the context of the couple and their relationship. Most sexual problems have impacted the partner and thus the marriage often needs help for that reason alone. And the marital relationship may or may not have been a significant cause in the loss of sexual desire and most often needs to be addressed as an essential aspect of treatment. This is why you also need an exceptionally skillful marital therapist, as well as a sex therapist to treat this vulnerable area.

 It is so common for women to lose their sexual desire in long-term monogomous relationships that researchers have questioned considering it as a dysfunction. 

Your therapist is one of the nation's most experienced and respected experts in the field of female sexual dysfunction therapy, as well as marital therapy. She established the first treatment center in the country specializing in female sexual dysfunction, The Midwest Center for Sexual Wellness. She has specialized in marital and sexual dysfunction therapy since practicing at Loyola Medical Center and then establishing the first private sex and marital therapy center, The North Shore Center for Sexual Dysfunction and Marital Therapy, in 1989. 

For the first twenty years, patients were not accepted without a physician or mental health referral. Her business was maintained solely by word of mouth regarding the exceptional and rapid results that were consistently achieved. Your sex therapist worked with the leading urologists, interns, and gynecologists from the now North Shore University Health System and many other fine hospitals. A co-leader of a group at Elmhurst Hospital for seven years, with a urologist, educating couples on the numerous causes and treatments for sexual dysfunction, your therapist acquired an exceptional education in the physiological aspects of sexual disorders.  Your therapist authored a privately printed book on sexual dysfunction that was highly recommended by one of Chicago Magazine's Top 500 physicians, Dr. Michael Blum, one of the North Shore's leading urologists, now at a prestigious urological cancer center at Glenview Hospital. She has been a referral source for Dr. Blum for 25 years. Your therapist was recognized as a national expert by one of the top agencies in the world who planned to position her as a leading national expert, based on the exceptional outcomes and expertise.

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