The cost of therapy is never accurately reflected in the simple question of, "How much is a session?". It is the overall cost of therapy that is the real cost. Different therapists use different approaches, different "hourly session" time periods, and average time frames they work within.

For example, a session is described as a "therapeutic hour". A therapeutic hour for one therapist could be $140.00 for a session lasting 45-50 minutes. While another therapist's therapeutic hour is 60 minutes at $185 and the entire hour is utilized for therapy. This is actually the same price, but the consumer would assume one therapist is less expensive, when in fact they are the same price per minute.

Similarly, one therapist typically can facilitate tangible positive results or successfully terminated treatment in time frames of 3-12 visits, while another therapist typically sees clients 6 months to a year, while another, a year to 2 years before reaching therapeutic goals. Because your time is a valuable commodity, we are committed to obtaining tangible improvement within the first three visits if possible. Our clients average 3 to 12 visits to reach their therapeutic goals or to experience tangible improvement. Of course, no therapy can ever guarantee results. But this is our commitment and hope if possible. And we are confident that we are the most experienced (30 years) private marital therapy center in the Chicago area. That expertise and experience is the basis for the results and commitment.

Often other approaches to marital therapy spend the first 3 visits for the intake interview: once with the couple, and then each partner has their own session for the first 3 visits so that you have not begun getting help until the 4th visit, typically a month after you have started therapy. Unless specifically requested, we often offer help even in the first visit so that you begin to get the help you are seeking.

The Center offers an initial intake interview of 90 minutes. Follow-up sessions are typically 60 minutes. C

Payment is made at the time of the visit.  A statement can be supplied for insurance reimbursement upon request. Credit cards are accepted with a 4% processing fee. INSURANCE IS NOT ACCEPTED AT THE TIME OF THE VISIT. PAYMENT IS MADE AND YOU MAY SEEK REIMBURSEMENT AT YOUR OWN INSURANCE COMPANY'S CRITERIA. Please NOTE: INSURANCE IS NOT ACCEPTED AT THE TIME OF THE VISIT.

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