R. Hutcheson, M.A., L.C.P.C., Clinical Director, AASECT-Certified Sex Therapist and Marital Therapist, established the North Shore Center for Marital and Sexual Dysfunction Therapy as a specialized resource for marital and sexual dysfunction psychotherapy and counseling in 1989. The mission statement for the Center is to offer the most rapid, effective treatment available to improve and save marriages and sexual function.

“R. Hutcheson, M.A., is of the highest ethical and professional caliber.”  B. Loeb, M.D., past President, Good Samaritan Hospital, Downers Grove, IL.

C. Lara, M.D. states, “R. Hutcheson, M.A., co-therapist at Loyola Medical Center, has outstanding clinical skills and great sensitivity to her patient’s needs.”

Leading urologist, Dr. M. Blum, Winnetka, of Northshore University Health System, one of Chicago Magazine’s Top 500 physicians, who has referred his patients since 1989, states, “I highly recommend R. Hutcheson’s state-of-the-art treatment methods as presented for my review. I learned much myself and recommend it to colleagues and laymen alike. It is appropriate for medically based or psychologically based sexual dysfunction.” He has referred his own patients for 30 years.

"I highly recommend R. Hutcheson's program." L. Abrams, M.D., Deerfield, IL 

"I highly recommend R. Hutcheson to anyone who needs a great therapist. She is a caring, compassionate and an exceptionally gifted therapist.  I highly recommend her. You could not find a better therapist." Joseph Masbaum, M.A., L.C.P.C.

"I have referred a number of individual patients and couples to the Center.  All of the patients have reported being very satisfied with Ms. Hutcheson's skills, thoroughness, sensitivity and interpersonal style. I feel overly confident when making referrals and will continue to do so." Mark Oster, Ph.D. Psychologist Oster and Associates, Professor at Adler School of Professional Psychology, Chicago

"I have never referred a patient who has not been highly pleased with their results and therefore very appreciative for the referral. I highly recommend the North Shore Center for Marital Therapy." C.K. Patel, ED.D, Psychologist (Past President of the Chicago Society of Clinical Hypnosis and member of the American Association of Sex Educators, Therapists and Counselors

"The North Shore Center for Marital Therapy provides outstanding help. My work brings me into contact with many physicians and psychotherapists. Physicians and psychologists I have spoken to have all highly esteemed her work. In my opinion, the Center offers the most competent,  caring and effective psychological treatment for these problems in the entire Chicago area."  the late Sol Bernstein, R. Ph and representative for Osborn Products.

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