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if you do not receive a response in 48 hours it means we are not able to accept new patients at this time.
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PLEASE NOTE: A very brief, solutions-oriented approach is utilized,that allows the majority of patients to reach their goals within 2-6 visits. For this reason, and, to insure greater privacy for you, we do not accept insurance in lieu of payment at the time of the visit. However, you can utiliize your insurance, by requesting a statement and submitting it for reimbursement. Be aware that by not using insurance you insure greater confidentiality. Many clients choose not to submit their statement to insurance because treatment is complete within as few as three visits and they prefer not to compromise confidentiality.

Please state a brief description of what your situation is, and your needs in terms of days, evenings, or weekends. Leave a phone number if possible.

If this is an emergency , please go to your nearest emergency room, or contact  your physician.

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