The primary therapeutic philosophy is that their is a commitment to offer the most effective, rapid and consistently successful results available for those patients we accept. As a result we offer leading edge therapies that allow tangible results within even the first session for many. Our goal is to reach therapeutic goals within 6 to 12 visits or less.

We believe marital problems cause great suffering and our goal is to relieve that suffering as quickly as possible. Our goal is to give you tangible results within 3-15 visits. Too often marital therapy extends over a year or many years. Marital therapy does not have to take years when you are in expert hands. 

Problems can be an opportunity for a couple to grow and ultimately enjoy their greatest happiness. Our unique, positively-focused therapy builds on the strengths of your relationship. Because successful marital therapy requires tremendous skill and a vast knowledge base, it cannot be routinized. Therapy must be completely individualized and expertly administered to meet the unique needs of each patient.
A marriage is profoundly affected by each individual’s level of well-being. As individuals and as a couple your well-being is significantly improved when the underlying causes of difficulties are relieved in this therapy.

In divorce, one set of problems is too often traded for a new set of problems. Long-term happiness is rarely about changing partners. Bring your marriage to its best quality and only then consider if you need to divorce.

If you wish to improve or save your marriage, or have been in marital therapy more than 6 hours and have not seen improvement, please consider the Center. We provide research-based tools, techniques, and therapy to benefit you and your family for the rest of your lives.

There has been no marketing or advertising of the Center from it’s inception in 1989 through 2009, because our reputation was built by leading physicians recommending the Center to their patients and colleagues based solely on the consistent and rapid results of their patients.

Our office is simple and basic to keep costs down for you. In order to maintain the highest level of care, we have chosen not to expand services to treat large numbers of patients. We feel that therapy must be administered to the patient only by the expert to assure quality of care.

We have served our patients in a discrete manner, with the highest competence in treatment as the primary priority. Your privacy is greatly respected.

This solutions-oriented approach is not appropriate for those suffering from the following issues: active alcoholism, drug abuse, child abuse, physical abuse, psychosis, bipolar disorder, and personality disorders such as borderline personality disorder, etc. Please consult your own physician for help with these issues, as they are not treated at the Center. If it determined at the intake interview that we are not the best therapy for your case, suggestions for finding appropriate help may be given.

Please note that results can not be guaranteed in this or any psychotherapy or counseling.

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