The Midwest Women's Program For Sexual Wellness was established in 1994 as one of the first Programs to specialize in women's sexual dysfunction in the country. Female orgasmic issues, painful intercourse, vaginismus, unconsumated marriage, and low sexual desire have been The Center's area of specialization since 1989, prior to the official establishment of The Midwest Women's Program for Sexual Wellness.

Your therapist was educated by the top expert physician in women's low sexual desire as well as the leading physician specializing in women's painful intercourse. Very few physicians or sex therapists understand women's pain disorders and sadly this is a great disservice to women with suffering with this devastating issue.

 Many physicians and gynecologists from the North Shore were educated in these disorders by your therapist. There was no advertising for the Center, but all patients came through mental health and physician referral, based on the outstanding expertise and results.

One of the countries most experienced and respected sex therapists specializing in women's disorders of sexual function is available for you if you are struggling with loss of sexual desire, unconsummated marriage, , orgasmic difficulties, painful intercourse and discrepant, or differences in desire.

 Your therapist was trained and practiced sex therapy at the old Loyola University Medical Center's Sex Clinic in 1989. Although asked by Dr. Renshaw to stay on as a sex therapist R. Hutcheson left Loyola in order to establish The North Shore Center for Marital and Sexual Dysfunction Therapy, as the premiere private sex and marital treatment expertise, in 1989 Sexual difficulties cause much suffering, yet in many cases, they can be resolved. It is imperative to have a specialist in this challenging area as knowledge of the medical aspects of sexual the dysfunction as well as the many psychological causes and the ability to address these complex etiologies is a highly specialized area. Your sex therapist brings decades of expertise to benefit you. In addition you need someone who is a specialist in marital therapy and can address the individual issues as the context for sexual expression. This devastating problem has many causes; some of the most common causes are:

  • Medications
  • Depression
  • Body Image Issues
  • Marital Conflict
  • Menopause
  • Childbirth
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid Dysfunction
  • Other Hormonal Imbalances
Your therapist has written a book on sexual dysfunction that is highly regarded by leading physicians. Dr. Michael Blum, one of Chicago Magazine's top 500 physicians, currently at The John and Carol Walter Center for Urological Health states, “I highly recommend R. Hutcheson’s state-of-the-art treatment methods as presented for my review.” Your therapist led a group at Elmhurst Hospital for seven years addressing couples struggling with sexual dysfunction. Having worked with Chicago's leading physicians on the North Shore and in DuPage County for 25 years, your therapist has a keen awareness of the both physical and psychological causes of sexual dysfunction. Your therapist is extremely skilled at addressing the marital and individual issues that are components of sexual dysfunction. There is much hope in skilled hands, and a specialist is imperative in this area. If necessary your therapist can make a knowledgeable referral for treating underlying causes of dysfunction.