Your therapist has successfully treated depression for 30 years with a holistic, unprecedentedly successful protocol. This specialty was required in order to help sexual dysfunction cases that were a result of anti-depressants or depression. Thus a non-medication based protocol was performed in order to restore sexual function. We address the underlying causes of depression resulting in long-term results.

A common sense and natural approach is provided for depression which has had many outstanding results for the vast majority of  patients. This approach, addresses the underlying cause of depression, which can often offer long-term resolution of depression. Again, results are not guaranteed. However we have been able to help the vast majority of patients struggling with depression to improve and thereby strengthen the individual's over all sense of well-being as the foundation for marital health. 

When an individual is depressed, it can effect their marriage and sexual function. Similarly, when one is having marital  and sexual difficulties, one may experience depression. Thus, your therapist has been successfully treating depression as an underlying cause or symptom of marital and sex struggles. This has allowed individuals and couples to once again thrive and be capable of enjoying both their marriage and their life. 

The goal is to utilize common sense, caring, and expertise to achieve rapid yet long-term and excellent results, the hallmark of the North Shore Center for Marital Therapy.

Our approach is exceptionally effective with depression.

For example, one patient had been on medications for 7 years, had had electroshock treatments and been hospitalized twice for depression and anxiety. After fewer than ten visits, she was able to reduce her medications 97% and maintained freedom from depression and anxiety for decades, as reported in follow-up. Because the underlying problem was addressed she experienced a rapid and long term result that had eluded her for 7 years. This allowed her to once again enjoy her husband and child. This result is not guaranteed, but is indicative of the commitment and experience in the area of depression.

It is critical to address depression because much sexual dysfunction is a result of depression medications. Also marriages are often challenged by depression. Because the individual is depressed they imagine it is the marriage making them unhappy. When the depression is corrected, they realize it was not that their partner was making them unhappy, but they had been depressed and thus seeing things in a negative light.

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